16 YEARS VEGAN – My Struggle With Veganism

16 YEARS VEGAN – My Struggle With Veganism

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I’ve now been vegan for more than 16 years, time really does fly when you’re having fun doesn’t it? Last year I made a video about my 15 years as a vegan and like what they don’t tell you about going plant based for that long amount of time, like the unexpected effects, and no I can assure you, protein-deficiency is not one of them. So today I wanted to look back over those 16 years and talk about my struggles with this. Does a vegan life get harder or easier the longer you stick to it, and what has been the biggest hurdles and like lessons and what I find to be the almost unbearable aspect of being vegan.

I talk about:
– why i went vegan
– what foods i miss by going vegan
– health vegan
– ethical vegan
– veganism
– omnivores
– change to veganism
– vegan food
– reasons for going vegan
– vegan in the UK
– vegan in sweden

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Spring Sale at Amazon
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