Epic Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

Epic Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

The Super Bowl is back! Who knew?! Not me… but I do have snacks! Easy vegan treats you can prepare on game day! Share them with your friends or gobble them up yourself, you’re going to love my spinach dip, bacon wrapped tater tots, and deep fried pickles. ? What’s your favourite game day food?!

? Vegan Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots https://bit.ly/3Lj5qlw
? Vegan Baked Spinach Dip https://bit.ly/3Ltwwq7
? Vegan Deep Fried Pickles https://bit.ly/3oGwfGz
? My Newest Vegan Recipes: https://bit.ly/3nIRwiv

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