Ex-Vegan (15 Years): Veganism Is Not Sustainable – It’s A “Cleanse,” Not Nourishing

Ex-Vegan (15 Years): Veganism Is Not Sustainable – It’s A “Cleanse,” Not Nourishing

Shakaya’s note:
i understand vegans will claim i ‘didn’t do it right’ or ‘i was never vegan’ because of a handful of cheats over a 15 year period… but for those who are genuinely interested, i ate what i considered a high-raw, whole-foods, low-glycemic, high-fat (avocados, durian, olives, coconuts, nut butters, olive oil) vegan diet that included: organic as much as possible– fruits/veggies, nuts/seeds (soaked and rinsed to remove enzyme inhibitors like anti-nutrient phytic acid that make them hard to digest), seaweeds (hijiki in early days, arame, wake, nori, pulse, kelp) made green smoothies for breakfast daily (with green leaves, fruit and water often added a rotation of: spirulina, bee pollen (not vegan), coconut butter or avocado, OR nut milk smoothies (with fruit or dates sometimes adding in raw eggs or raw liver for my children); huge salads nightly: dense salads of kale, chard, arugula, dandelion with avocado and hemp seeds etc; some cooked foods in winter included oatmeal, non-gluten grains i.e. quinoa/amaranth/millet/brown/black rice (always soaked and rinsed) (and rice or kelp pasta), tubers and root veggies like yams, yucca, sweet potatoes, lentils, beans, chick peas, mostly in soups with cooked veggies; supplements: spirulina, maca, bee pollen (not vegan), chlorella, Vit D, pine pollen, B-12 injections, probiotics, and herbs i.e. stinging nettles etc from my garden. began ‘cheating’ after 8 years strict vegan with pastured raw eggs or grass-fed liver and wild caught sashimi (high quality japanese restaurants) monthly a few times, then seasonally for a year, then stopped for a couple years, then like that again very occasionally only when i got too depleted and needed a boost.. i truly was committed to veganism and besides my plant-based diet i also completely boycotted leather, fur, wool, silk, and make-up like mascara that wasn’t vegan (i usually wear beet juice for blush and i make my own lipsticks with shea butter and minerals, i wrote an entire book on cruelty-free, natural DIY skin-care called ‘naked beauty’ with natural moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners, i make my own perfumes with organic essential oils etc etc.

Email me if you would like to tell your ex-vegan story too. The email address is on my blog.

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