Facing Death For A Living | India’s Vegan Mountaineer – Kuntal Joisher | The Ranveer Show 21

Facing Death For A Living | India’s Vegan Mountaineer – Kuntal Joisher | The Ranveer Show 21

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Facing Death For A Livin:

What’s good you guys? Hiking and mountaineering is the recent craze that our generation has now been seeing. Out of all the hikes, Mount Everest is considered to be one of the most favorite hikes of all times. Today’s episode features an in-depth conversation with one of the most adventurous people on “The Ranveer Show” (TRS), Kuntal Joisher. The most unique thing about Kuntal is that he himself is a vegan and promotes vegetarianism to a large extent.
Through this Indian podcast, Kuntal will decipher the levels of exercise required when it comes to mountaineering training in terms of physical fitness and mental fitness levels. This video is a true motivation for people wanting to follow their passion and dreams. Kuntal Joisher Vegan and Kuntal Joisher Everest are some of the most common names for this person.

ICO – intelligent conversation only. Smart conversations In English courtesy your favorite intellectual podcast – from BeerBiceps – The Ranveer Show Podcast.

Ranveer Allahbadia (aka BeerBiceps) & Kuntal Joisher sit together to discuss how physical and mental fitness along with discipline for mountaineer training.

0:00 – Introduction
2:08 – Engineering
2:52 – Mountaineering
4:37 – Life changing moment
5:59 – Journey to Himalayas
6:48 – Physical and mental fitness
7:14 – Building mental strength
7:34 – Best time to climb Mt. Everest
8:17 – Gaining experience
8:54 – How people lose their lives while climbing
10:53 – Problems due to lack of Oxygen
13:03 – Insanity, obsession, determination and craziness
15:23 – Training process
16:42 – Strength training
17:09 – Resting heart rate
17:50 – Daily life
19:01 – Vegan diet
22:17 – Mental aspect of climbing
25:04 – Pushing yourself physically
26:01 – Detachment from friends and family
27:52 – Effects of lack of mental fitness
31:56 – Near Death experience
34:51 – Avalanche at Base-camp
36:29 – Concepts of Deaths
38:50 – Top of Mount Everest

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