Full Day Of High Protein Vegan Meals = 102g Of Protein

Full Day Of High Protein Vegan Meals = 102g Of Protein

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Never compare what you eat to what I eat! We have different bodies, different needs, different health, different lifestyles, the list goes on. I never count calories or the amount of protein I am consuming, but wanted to share some ideas if protein is a concern for you. Please use this video as inspiration for meal ideas if you are vegan or would like to eat more vegan or high protein meals. Stay safe everyone and remember you are deserving of love and care and food is fuel!


smoothie: https://www.madeleineolivia.co.uk/blog/pineapple-coconut-smoothie
lentil & walnut salad: https://www.madeleineolivia.co.uk/blog/lentil-and-walnut-salad
sticky tofu: https://www.madeleineolivia.co.uk/blog/sweet-and-sticky-tofu
coffee recipe i mentioned isn’t live yet but will add here when it is!

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