I’m No Longer Vegan. What I Eat Now… And Why.

I’m No Longer Vegan. What I Eat Now… And Why.

I NEVER thought I’d be making one of those typical ‘why I’m not longer vegan’ videos. I used to cringe watching those kinds of videos and think ‘surely there’s a way you can combat that issue whilst still being vegan’. I was wrong. And I’m sorry.
I was vegan for about 6 years. It was never my ‘identity’ as such, but I did feel VERY strongly about it. I truly thought that the vegan diet was the ultimate way for humans to eat for health, to save the Earth and most importantly, to save the animals. I really thought that EVERYONE would and could thrive on a vegan diet.

The reason I am no longer vegan is because my digestive system is not working particularly well right now. It wasn’t the vegan diet that caused it to begin with (I went into the vegan diet WITH digestive issues) however my wholefoods plant-based diet has exacerbated the issue over time. My healthcare providers advised me to incorporate animal foods into my diet months ago and I ignored them, as I really wanted to find a way to heal my issues whilst maintaining my vegan status. Eventually I had to realise that I had to do what was right for me. I now eat small amounts of animal foods, and I am delving deeply into nutrition and trying to learn everything I can. Let me make this clear – i don’t ‘enjoy’ meat. I have never enjoyed it or liked the taste. I am not eating chicken because i enjoy it. I am eating it as I have been advised to be my healthcare providers and because I have finally realised that I may need to in order to hopefully heal my gut. Maybe once my digestion is properly working again I can re-try a vegan diet.

I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you or let you down by my choice to no longer be vegan, and I understand that I will get harsh comments.

Love you all x


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