My What I’ve Learned Response Got Debunked?

My What I’ve Learned Response Got Debunked?

Use code MIC15 for 15% off your first month’s supply of Seed’s DS-01® Daily Synbiotic: . Today we respond to Plant Based Poser’s video debunking my response to What I’ve Learned’s video about why eating less meat won’t save the planet. She makes claims like vegans need to eat twice as much due to low quality protein and cow water use doesn’t count.
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Transpiration Quote

Transpiration in Plants: Its Importance and Applications

Global Water Usage:

50% of Western US Water Usage is Cows:

Livestock Uses 1/3 of Freshwater Globally:

Ogallala Aquifer Mostly Drained by Livestock:

Oilseed Cakes for Human Consumption:

Original Course of 86% Inedible Sacred Cow Chart:

L. Plantarum Probiotic Study on Cholesterol:

Protein Type, Not Animal vs Plant, Determines Muscle Mass in Elderly :

Frailty Lower with Plant-based Protein Study:

Emissions per Grams of Protein:

No, Vegans Don’t Eat More Calories:

Feedlot Weight Generally Doubles:

“Currently, ‘grass-finished’ beef accounts for less than 1% of the current US supply [12].”

Livestock Uses 30% of Ice-Free Land:

Methane 20 Year Time Frame 86x CO2:

Airborne Fraction of CO2 is 45%:

B12 Low 50 mcg Dose Randomized Trial:

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