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Piers Morgans DESTROYS Vegan For Not Caring About ALL Animals’ Rights

Piers Morgans DESTROYS Vegan For Not Caring About ALL Animals’ Rights

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by animal rights activist and vegan Joey Carbstrong and celebrity chef John Mountain who decided to ‘ban all vegans’ from his restaurant to discuss John’s decision and whether there is some legitimacy to Joey and others’ claims that we should eat less meat for the planet and to help in the fight against animal cruelty.

John explains that after one vegan customer was rightfully upset with their service, he was bombarded by multiple one-star reviews from vegans due to some of the lack of non-meat options at his restaurant. Joey says that John should ‘stop crying’ over one review and instead focus on millions of animals that suffer cruelty.

Piers and Joey then descend into a heated debate over the treatment of animals and eating meat. Piers suggests that Joey doesn’t care about millions of bees dying every year during the growth of almonds (a common substitute in vegan products such as milk) – but Joey believes that they are dying for other reasons so there is no need to focus on them.

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