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Could Veganism Be Linked To Demonic Forces?

Could Veganism Be Linked To Demonic Forces?

Is Veganism Demonic?

1. We are caretakers of the earth, but we are not to worship nature.
2. Animals would not have the fundamental right to life that human beings do, but they do have interests in being protected from needless suffering.
3. Jesus or Biblical writers never argued for pre-fall or post-fall future eschatological eating pattern.
4. The Bible does not command us to eat meat, not does it prohibit us from eating it.
5. It is a doctrine of demons that departs from God, worships nature, demonizes eating meat, advocates for vegetarian as some superior ultimate diet that enhances your spirituality.
God’s original intent is to eat what comes from the ground.

0:00 – Veganism has become trendy in our culture
1:52 – Veganism as a diet
2:56 – The difference between veganism and vegetarianism
3:37 – Reasons why people become vegan
7:17 – Veganism can lead to a disorder
12:01 – Veganism can be a demonic cult
15:14 – What does the Bible say about not eating meat?
21:11 – As Christians how should we approach this issue?

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