Top 5 Carnivore Myths Debunked

Top 5 Carnivore Myths Debunked

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Let’s destroy some of the main myths that drive people to a carnivore diet!
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Sarah Ballantine’s Oxalate Video:

Nutrition Made Simple Heart Disease & Inflammation Interviews:

B1 Deficiency:

Article on Carnivore Nutrient Intakes Falling Short:

17 Deficiencies From the Carnivore Diet

Cooked Veggies 75% Lower Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Meat 2x Arthritis:

60–80% of plasma oxalate is derived from endogenous oxalate:

Glycine Rats (Not Donghua Jinlong Glycine Factory):

Vitamin C Intake Average NIH:

Kidney Stone “formation can happen in a matter of weeks”:

Herbivore vs Carnivore Sodium Needs Quote:

Meat and Sodium Higher Kidney Stone Risk:

Keto Flu LMNT:

Familial Hypercholesterolemia Regression:

LDL Size:

Vitamin C and Mortality:

All Meat Scurvy Case Study 1 – Dubai:

All Meat Scurvy Case Study 2 – Appalachia:

Ascorbic Acid Uses Sodium Transport:

Transporter Image:

Viking Scurvy:

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to low immune function:


…Keratosis pilaris or chicken skin

Intro/Outro Song: Sedução Momentânea by Roulet:

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Spring Sale at Amazon
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