Trying KFC’s New Vegan Beyond Fried Chicken! My First Time EVER At KFC.

Trying KFC’s New Vegan Beyond Fried Chicken! My First Time EVER At KFC.

KFC just launched vegan fried chicken nationwide in the US! I had to go try it. Check out our Vegan KFC Guide to see how to order it vegan and everything you can get on the menu:

Holy cow. Never thought I’d live to see the day when the word VEGAN is on the front page of the KFC website. Granted, it’s there to warn consumers that the new beyond fried chicken isn’t prepared in separate fryers (that’s fine – it makes no difference to animals), but still. WHOA. 🤯

Vegan KFC Guide + how exactly to order these vegan (ask for no sauce!) 👉🏼 👀

In the guide above you’ll see everything you can order that’s #vegan on the menu.

Are you going to try these? If you try them today repost back on what you think below! It was my first time EVER at a KFC.

This is a limited time ⏰ release so let’s show KFC and all the other fast food giants watching 👀 that bringing plant-based options to the menu is the BEST thing they could ever do. The impact these kinds of of changes can make is gargantuan.

The numbers of 🐓 lives that can be saved from these shifts is beyond what any of us can comprehend.


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