VEGAN GIRL SCOUT COOKIES | Slap Yo Mama Good | Girl Scout Pledged Today | Yummy Vegan Snack Ideas |

VEGAN GIRL SCOUT COOKIES | Slap Yo Mama Good | Girl Scout Pledged Today | Yummy Vegan Snack Ideas |

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In Today’s video, VEGAN GIRL SCOUT COOKIE LIST | Best Girl Scout EVER| Support Young Girls | I Pledged , I am supporting and encouraging you to eat Girl Scout cookies and telling you the VEGAN GEM GIrl scout cookies I really like!
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Video Transcript

hey everybody welcome back to my channel and i am here to tell you about more things that are vegan [Music] my cookies but oreos aren’t the only thing that’s vegan as i showed you while i was up in the supermarket today i am going to be telling you about all the delicious girl scout cookies that you can buy that are vegan [Music] i am pro girl scout i’ll be an honorary girl scout today for this video i’m taking the pledge i miss tiff dance is an honorary girl scout and i stand by all the little girl scouts who are doing the little girl scout entrepreneur things and i support you and make sure that you like this video all right that’s the pledge yes you can still eat girl scout cookies if you want to live a vegan lifestyle no animal ingredients are in these girl scout cookies i’ll show you first up the peanut butter patties forget peppermint patty let’s leave her with the peanuts gang we’re talking about peanut butter patties these delicious girl scout cookies are vegan the peanut butter patties are also called tagalongs by the way i took them out i will show you what they look like these are inside took them out the box sorry i couldn’t wait to do this video i had to have way too many of these you gotta get these peanut butter ones next up we have toasties if you like cinnamon toast crunch cereal this is the cookie for you the toasties packed with cinnamon toast crunch flavor i’m too greedy i already ate half the container just yesterday couldn’t wait for the video they come in here looking like this nice little toast crunch with a little bit of icing all vegan you gotta go get with these toast yays okay hmm you’re good you’ll make me want to start banking bouncing up my hair okay i don’t know how to do anything else i think i’m really rock that’s what they make you want to do i’m not a dancer don’t confuse my last name with what i do because i don’t dance but i can do a little something something when i need to anyway these are good all right so after i finish eating these cookies i’m about to head over and start doing my exercises okay back to the girl scouts thin mints they also are good they weren’t in my order package um the lemonades were they are also vegan by the way you can still eat your lemonades you can still eat your thin mints i’m not done yet the s’mores the s’mores with the chocolate covered coating now they have s’mores without it and s’mores with the chocolate covered coating the ones with are vegan baby march th is the online date the last online date for orders for girl scouts so go support your girl scouts let them live and purchase you some girl scout cookies today don’t forget the link is in my description where you can purchase from the same person that i purchased from they also go towards trips for the little ladies to get away everybody needs a good girls trip everybody needs to go girls trip these little girl scouts try to raise money for their trip let them live teach them how to go ahead and get their little hustle on your little entrepreneurship i’m all about that life because that’s what i am doing that’s why i’m doing youtube and also while you’re supporting the girl scouts go ahead and support me and push that subscribe button that like button drop a comment below tell me if you like the vegan cookies when you get them what you think about them i know these bad boys don’t look at this video if you’re starting a diet but so the thing about me is i was never really a girl scout i say i never really was a girl scout because i only took it for one day why i can’t remember i just remembered that i sewed something in a class and that was pretty much it that was the end of my girl scouts however if i had a daughter i definitely would send them to girl scouts i think that it’s a great opportunity for girls to build and network and learn and it boosts confidence and that’s something that’s lacking in a lot of young ladies today in today’s video theme song is beyonce sorry guys i was trying to think of the song name it’s called brown skin girl so yes you want to support your girl scouts the girl scouts of america teach entrepreneurship business skills sales keeping track of money helps them financially it’s a great way for young females to grow into business-minded adults so please don’t stop eating your girl scout cookies if you’re on that diet buy some give them to a friend don’t send them my way because i have enough i’m trying to get rid of these but i’m trying to get rid of these halfway through the container so it’s not working for me so well but it’s okay because we’re still going to support our girl scouts actually i have a link below to someone i know a little girl scout who i bought the cookies from if you guys would like to support her please thanks march th to go ahead and purchase some girl scout cookies so we want to support our young little girls growing up to be grown women in okay with some girl scout cookie purchases so that’s all for now thank you so much for watching this video this is miss tiff dance again don’t forget to press that subscribe button that like button and thank you today is february rd in other words it’s international dog biscuit day so in lieu of this video if you are celebrating please give your dog a biscuit and preferably it’s vegan that’s all for now

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