Why Smart People Stop Being Vegan

Why Smart People Stop Being Vegan

When someone who demonstrates a high level of intelligence and reasoning—and appears to have made a real ethical connection—goes back to consuming animals, it can be very challenging for vegans to understand. Let’s take a look at how and why smart people can think their way out of veganism.

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This Bite Size Vegan video: Let’s look at how and why smart people think their way out of veganism. Simultaneously recognizing the sentience of nonhuman animals while also holding the necessity of their use as a foregone conclusion is the same abstraction of their individuality & inherent rights that allows one’s intellect to shift from advocating for them to haggling over the “appropriate” terms of their exploitation.

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Chapter markers for navigation:
00:00 Introduction
01:10 Veganism isn’t a matter of intelligence
01:20 Intellectualizing can work against veganism
02:24 The mental gymnastics of justified exploitation
03:48 The absurdity of appropriate exploitation
04:32 The power of the greatest lie ever told
06:19 The drive to preserve sense of self & reality
08:18 In closing…
09:13 My super smart outtake

#vegan #logic #exvegan

While exploring this topic was spurred by recent events with CosmicSkeptic it is not meant as a commentary.
Bite Size Vegan aims to serve as an “entry point” for non-vegans to explore veganism in an approachable, non-threatening environment—distilling down complex concepts into accessible formats while providing cited sources for total transparency and to allow further independent research and evaluation.

By taking on the ample time requirements of researching the myriad of issues inherent within and surrounding veganism, as well as sorting through the ever-growing mountains of information, Emily Moran Barwick aims to increase both the accessibility of veganism for non-vegans, and the efficiency and effectiveness of current vegans’ activism.

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Spring Sale at Amazon
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