Did a vegan diet kill this baby?

“” Did a Vegan Diet Plan Kill This Child?” “” … Vegan couple whose infant
passed away of vitamin deficiency after being fed only
on breast milk …” Uh, isn’t that what you’re.
intended to feed children? Yes, yet if you’re not.
getting adequate vitamin B12, then your baby’s not.
obtaining enough B12. “Parents embraced way of living after viewing.
TV program about butchered cows,” and wound up producing.
headings similar to this: “Vegans billed in fatality …
over death … after death … forget … neglect and death …
and child killing.” “Survey: did a vegan diet plan.
kill the child?” Why, yes it did. A non-B12-fortified vegan diet killed.
that little girl, and she’s not the first. And if vegans don’t obtain their.
act with each other and get their B12, she will not be the last.

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