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What I Eat In A Week | Vegan Meals & A Chat About Change

What I Eat In A Week | Vegan Meals & A Chat About Change

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My usual disclaimer: I am not a registered dietician. I love to cook and to share vegan recipes. I take a B12 supplement. I don’t show snacks and seconds I take so don’t take the amount you’ll see for the exact amount I eat. And last but not least: don’t compare yourself and eat the way that makes your mind and body feel satisfied. Be excited about the food on your plate rather than obsessed.


Brekkie: Breakfast sandwich (check out my last video for the recipe:
Lunch: Tofu, spinach, chickpea & eggplant stew

I honestly throw together some things I needed to use up. Started with sautéing some garlic & onion with some cumin, turmeric & garam masala, the added the eggplant (I left it on the counter for 30 minutes with some salt & then drained it). After another like 10 minutes I added the tofu & chickpeas, followed by some coconut milk & frozen spinach. Served with red pickled onions, sliced almonds & rice.

Dinner: Filled sweet potato with chickpea & avocado mash, topped with radished & spring onions.


Breakfast: protein oatmeal with nectarine, blueberries, almond butter & pumpkin seeds

My current oat recipe:

Lunch: leftover scallion pancake (I used this recipe: with homemade beetroot hummus, Asian inspired smoked tofu, cilantro, pomegranate seeds, leftover cashew crema (by @aöexafuelednaturally on Instagram) & sriracha mayo

Dinner: sweet potato & black bean quesedillas from the fivesechealth App (SO GOOD)


Breakfast: cashew chia pudding (SO DELICIOUS & CREAMY) by the fivesechealth app

Lunch: sandwich with leftover chickpea & avocado mash, beetroot hummus & red pickled onions for lunch @work

Dinner: Udon noodles with a sesame sauce, leftover tofu & quick pickled veggies (roughly followed this recipe:


Breakfast: Cashew chia pudding for work

Lunch: summer rolls with leftover tofu, pickled veggies, mint, cilantro, avocado, dipped in leftover tahini sauce

Snack: protein brownies from the fivesechealth app, covered in dark chocolate & soy crispies (

Dinner: same quesedillas as I’ve had on Tuesday


Breakfast: Scrambled tofu from the fivesechealth app

Snack: more protein brownies
Lunch/ Dinner: a few servings of homemad massaman curry that I froze a few weeks ago with jasmin rice & sprouts


The amazing Alyssa with propeller ( & Silvia (


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