After 5 years of being vegan I have left this way of eating and have adopted an omnivorous diet that is centered on nutrient dense animal foods–liver, meat, fish, eggs, dairy.

It’s been a while year of adopting these foods into my diet and my health has radically changed for the better. I didn’t realize how important animal foods are to ones health until I took them out and the reintroduced them back in and good really feel how grounding and nourishing these foods are.

Below are some sources that really helped me understand how the vegan diet was NOT the miracle cure and “perfect” diet I once thought it was.

*NUTRITIONAL PITFALLS OF A VEGAN DIET– Dr.Chris Kresser, former macrobiotic vegan, had a great article simply outlining all of the necessary nutrients missing from a vegan diet

*A SHIFT IN VIEW OF THE ETHICS BEHIND EATING MEAT– Daniel Vitalis, former vegan, shares about why he is not vegan. This podcast was an eye opener to seeing the ethics of eating animals in a different way and understanding our hunting lineage and the importance of regenerative farming.

*EXVEGAN STORIES: sv3rige has people on his channel sharing their journey in and out of veganism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgyNjzjihbQ

My break-up with veganism … I’m now an ex-vegan

* EATING DISORDERS + VEGANISM– The amazing Tabitha farer shares some great words for those who want to be vegan and recover from an eating disorder.

Veganism and Eating Disorders: Let’s Be Frank

http://www.notplantbased.com is an eating disorder recovery blog that has some great info.

*NUTRITIONAL STUDIES HAVE THEIR FLAWS–https://futurism.com/neoscope/the-things-we-know-about-nutrition-are-wrong-thanks-to-faulty-studies

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