Does Sugar Cause Cancer?

Does Sugar Cause Cancer?

Should sugar be considered a carcinogen? Does sugar feed cancer? Let’s investigate with a level-headed look at the research.
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Whole Grains and Cancer Risk Lower:

Tumors Use 50-100x More Glucose, No Original Source:

Natural Killer Cells – Cong, 2020:

Natural Killer Cell Basics:

Vanderbilt Research Article:

Study revises understanding of cancer metabolism

Immune Cells in Tumors Quote – Galli et al.:

Ketones Fuel Cancer Study:

High Fasting Glucose +30% Risk:

Metformin Study:

Sugar Intake and Risk of Various Cancers Review:

“…1.19 (95% CI, 1.07–1.31) for liquid glucose…”

Malaysian Breast Cancer Study:

French Study on Sugars and Cancer:

Fruit Associated with Lower Cancer:

12-LOX Study 1:

12-LOX Study 2:

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