Responding To Weird Anti-Vegan Hate Comments

Responding To Weird Anti-Vegan Hate Comments

I respond to some of the weirder anti-vegan hate comments I’ve received, including a “lightning round” of insults about my appearance. I spent the last few weeks completely overhauling my core speech for non-vegans, and my brain needs a break! So, I hope you enjoy this stellar showing of the best the internet has to offer (there are some real gems…)

(Some of) what I’ve been up to lately:
• ✨???? I revamped my core speech for non-vegans! It’s now an effective “entry point” for anyone considering going vegan. For existing vegans, it’s a “one-stop” resource to send anyone. The new article for the speech is visually engaging, structured for accessibility, and sectioned into the core foundations of veganism.
— ???? Check out the revamped-and-ready-to-share post:
— Or the video on YouTube:

• Among a LOT of other (boring) work stuff, two tornados touched down near me recently (one of which was an EF4!)…and I live in a bus, so I had to move it & hope for the best. ????????

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• My video “Can Veganism Solve World Hunger?” (home of the “gotcha” comment)
— YouTube:
— Website:

• What to Expect Emotionally When Going Vegan (including losing your eyebrows)
— YouTube:
— Website:

• All About The Reality of Dairy & CHEESE!! (for “Nathan Talks”)
— YouTube:
— Website:

• PTSD in Slaughterhouse Workers (for Ian…who won’t watch it)
— YouTube:
— Website:

• 10 Surprising Facts About Pigs (again for Ian…who again won’t watch it)
— YouTube:
— Website:

• My livestream from a UK Slaughterhouse (upon which Ian commented):

• If You Only Watch One Video…
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This Bite Size Vegan video: I respond to some of the weirder anti-vegan hate comments I’ve received. Including a “lightning round” of insults about my appearance!

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????✏️ Translate this video:
00:00 First, get your life in order!
00:18 Introduction
00:28 I’m finally a YouTuber(?)
00:38 The Comments!
00:54 Satan weighs in…
01:08 A “gotcha!” comment
01:41 My favorite thing about the internet
02:21 Insults about my appearance (⚡️LIGHTNING ROUND!⚡️)
02:34 My giant vegan head
02:59 Former President weighs in…
03:17 Don’t sugarcoat it
03:48 My eyebrows
04:11 A common theme of appearance critics
04:21 Removing my canines
04:48 Veganism is psy op
04:55 Vegans, Nazis & Communists
07:27 Pigs going to University
09:03 Dr. Sins (lololo)
09:26 Have I amused you?
09:36 My brain needed a break…
09:43 Offer your firstborn to YouTube
10:16 I’ve exhausted myself
10:29 “Man” revisited…

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