High Protein Meals To Keep You Strong & Satisfied (Vegan)

High Protein Meals To Keep You Strong & Satisfied (Vegan)

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Today I’m showing you 4 high-protein vegan recipes. The best part is that they’re all delicious too! Check out the recipes below if you want to give any of these meals a try. ????

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Vegan Tofu Bolognese → https://sarahsvegankitchen.com/recipes/tofu-bolognese/
Tempeh Bacon → https://sarahsvegankitchen.com/recipes/bacon-marinated-tempeh/
Lentil Burgers → https://sarahsvegankitchen.com/recipes/lentil-burgers/
Garlic Ginger Meatballs → https://sarahsvegankitchen.com/recipes/garlic-ginger-meatballs/

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Tofu Bolognese
5:09 Sponsor Message
6:36 Tempeh BLT
10:57 Lentil Burgers
14:54 Garlic Ginger Impossible Meatballs
16:42 Outro

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