Jordan Peterson Exposes The Truth About Veganism.

Jordan Peterson Exposes The Truth About Veganism.

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In today’s video, I embark on a new ‘Worst of the Anti-Vegans’ series and turn my attention to Jordan Peterson. Jordan has positioned himself as a prominent voice against veganism and claims that he follows a strict carnivore diet. But do Jordan Peterson’s arguments against veganism have any merit? In order to find out, I breakdown the arguments he has made on the Joe Rogan podcast and on his own YouTube channel and respond to his most prominent claims.


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JP Original video:

Hamburger price without subsidies:

US farm subsidies over $50 billion:

What Farm Subsidies Are and Why They Matter, Explained


USDA promotes animal products:

Most people haven’t heard of and don’t follow the nutritional guidelines:

Review showing that people eat less wholegrain and more red meat than guidelines say:

PURE study:

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health response to PURE study:

Obesity highest in meat eaters and lowest in vegans:

Vegans have as much as a 78% reduced risk of developing diabetes:

Information on Blue Zones:

Jordan Peterson cited carnivore study:

Jordan Peterson cited 2.6% GHG reduction study:

The largest and most comprehensive study on the environmental impacts of our food system to date, that showed a 49% global reduction in food emissions from eating plants over animals:

Jordan Peterson quote on animal rights:

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